Exhaustive Statistical Test Package (Version YANT 5.1)

1- This is the latest and upgraded package from "Statistical Test Library Version YANT 4.1)  it  include extra software tools for exhaustive testing for randomness for multiple samples at a time. The resulting report will have two dimensional test results, to signify the behavior of different samples over different tests a conclusive report may be generated to display the average test results (Pass ratio) for all tested samples. In addition to the current tests of version YANT 4.1, the Exhaustive Statistical Test Package YANT 5.1 incorporate the following statistical tests derived from different statistical institutes:

  1. The Binary Matrix Rank Test
  2. Discrete Fourier Transform Test
  3. Non-Overlapping Template Matching Test
  4. Overlapping Template Matching Test
  5. Lempel-Ziv Compression Test
  6. Approximate Entropy Test
  7. Cumulative Sums Test
  8. Random Excursions Test
  9. Random Excursions Variant  Test

    -  External Devices: None.

The available platforms to run this package are:

-         Any Win9x, WinXP (home edition / professional edition), and Win2K (server / professional).

-         128MB RAM at least.

-         20 MB free HardDisk space.

-         Pentium III.


Operational Specifications

 1-Selection of Test Samples

To select the input test sample(s), the user may apply either one of the    following methods:

  a- Create your own sample file using the package's Sample Editor. The sample      editor enables you to write your test sample either in ASCII characters       format or as bits (1's and 0's) in binary format.

 b- Choose an input file which contains the output bits under test. Upon selection the file will be loaded to the package. Besides selecting the input file, the user may select the file format which is either ASCII characters format or bits in binary format.

 c- Select multiple sample files, each file may represent a different output to be tested. Up to eight sample files may be loaded at once with the same  files' format.

2- Conducting Statistical Tests

The Statistical Tests Library in YANT 5.1 provides many different standard statistical tests. You can choose any of the statistical tests to be performed on the selected test sample. The tests are divided into 2 groups based upon whether a certain parameter is required with the test or not. The 2 groups are:

 Non-Parameterized Tests:

1-           Frequency (Monobit) Test.

2-           Serial Test.

3-           Poker Test.

4-           Runs Test.

5-           Longest Run of Ones Test.

6-           Binary Matrix Rank Test.

7-     Auto-correlation Test.

8-           Maurer's Universal Test.

9-            Lempel-Ziv Compression Test.

10-       Approximate Entropy Test.

11-       Cumulative Sums Test.

12-       Random Excursions Variant Test.

13-       Discrete Fourier Transform Test.

14-       Random Excursions Test.

15-       Non Overlapping Template Matching Test.

16-       Overlapping Template Matching Test.

      Parameterized Tests:

17-       Block Frequency Test with variable block size.

18-       Linear Complexity Test with variable block size.

3- Sample Size Verification:

Before conducting any of the above tests the application should verify the validity of the acceptable length of the test sample, each test may imply different sample size for proper operation.

4- Reporting Test  Results

     For each test the, following results may be appear in the report form:

(1)         Full description of the input test sample including sample size, file path, sample format and time & date of running the tests.

(2)         The important calculated values within the test.

(3)         The calculated test statistic as well as the threshold (tabulated) value from which the user can evaluate the test result and determine whether the test passed or failed.

(4)         The final test result (either passed or failed).

(5)         A graphical representation of the chi-square distribution of the computed and tabulated values along with the threshold value.

5- Saving/Loading and Printing Functions

The final report for each conducted test may be saved for further referencing and viewing. The file extension for the Statistical Tests Reports may have the extension (.str). The user may have the option to load any previously saved Statistical Test Report at any time . The printing option as well is valid for any report.

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